1.Depending on the condition, we may not be able to buy some items.

2.Government-issued photo ID will be required and your ID information will be recorded as necessary.
3.Customers will be asked for their signature and filling in the required fields on the customer form.
4.All customers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for legal representation.
5.All dealers need approval of store manager before selling.

We request your ID (Drivers license, student ID, passport etc.) when you are selling ANY items.

In case a child under the age of 18 is selling items other than books, we request the parent to accompany the child (We request the parent to write their names on the purchase form).

Regardless of above stipulation, BookOff reserves the right to request the customer to show their ID at anytime, when deemed necessary.

If you are not satisfied with the above answer, please contact our store.


Items you can sell

At BookOff store, we purchase books, CDs, DVDs and/or games. Please sell us your books, CDs etc. that are stocked in your room. And now you can sell E-devices & Miscellaneous used items at some of our stores. Please ask each store whether we accept them or not.




Not all stores buy electronic items. Please ask each store whether we accept them or not.


Items you can sell


Computers & Tablets

TV & Home theater

Cameras & Camcorders

Audio systems & Speakers



Car electronics & GPS


Home & Office

Health, Fitness & Beauty

Musical instruments

Guideline of items you cannot sell


Items you cannot sell


Items manufactured long time ago (*ask staff)

Toners & other consumption articles

! Attention ! 

You cannot sell E-devices with the following conditions; Severely damaged, cracked, faded, stained, molded, rusted



Other Reuse Items


Not all stores buy Other reuse items. Please ask each store whether we accept them or not.


Items you can sell


Bags, wallets & fashion accessories

Musical instruments

Sports (e.g. Bicycles & more!)

Baby (e.g. Strollers, Car seats & more!)

Toys (e.g.)

House hold items


Guideline of items you cannot sell


Big items (*ask staff)


Edged tool (e.g. Knife/Scissors)

Air gun, Toy gun

Item with fuel (e.g. Oil/Lighter/Lantern)

Items for skin (e.g. Perfume, Lotion)

Medical instrument (e.g. Thermometer)

Items need to be sterilized (e.g. Teething ring)

Items harmful for health (e.g. Laser pointer)


Expensive brand items (e.g. Rolex) (*ask staff)

Items unknown-durability and life-threatening (e.g. Mountaineering rope)

Degradation of plastic and rubber for sports items (e.g. Snow board/Skate board)



Used dinnerware

! Attention ! 

You cannot sell items with the following conditions; Damages, cracked, faded, stained, molded, rusted, operation failure





Items you can sell







Coffee table book


Children's book

Audio book

Magazine (Available at select locations)

Guideline of items you cannot sell


Magazines in general (Some magazines are acceptable depending on the contents)

Items that are not for sale (ie company brochures)

Books with pages ripped

Books that are written-in or marked

Books without cover jackets

Books that are severely yellow-colored

Books with severe damages

Books with stains, molds

Encyclopedia (If within 3 years of issue, we may purchase)

Books with paging disorder or missing pages

Books with pages that are cut

Books with strong smell

Books with deformed pages or cover jackets (due to water damage etc.)



Items you can sell





Video Tape (Available at select locations)

Guideline of items you cannot sell


Copied items/Copied Videos/DVDs

Beta videos/8mm videos

Items that are regulated by law to sell

Pirated copies

Items that are marked "not for sale" or "promotional"

! Attention ! 

You cannot sell CDs/DVDS/Games with the following conditions:


Severely yellow-colored

Severely damaged (Deep scratches noticeable by just looking)

Deep scratches, circumferential scratches

Lyrics missing/filthy

Disk missing/Disk with wrong cover jacket

Disk with stains, molds

Disk case is deformed

Special disk case with defect